Our Background - Veterinary Thermal Imaging

Veterinary Thermal Imaging Ltd is the largest UK company specialising in Animal Thermography or Veterinary Thermal Imaging across all animal species. We were established to bring the benefits of the latest technology and quality Thermography to all animal owners and their health professionals, in the comfort of their own homes.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging works under a Code of Conduct. Only your Veterinary Surgeon can provide diagnoses and prescribe courses of treatment, and as part of your consultation the Veterinary Thermal Imaging Reports produced will be sent to your Vet.

We are happy to take self-referrals from owners, and always share the final reports with the owner, their Registered Veterinary Surgeon and on request their Animal Physiotherapist and Saddler too. Before we scan your animal we'll ask that you check your vet is happy with us carrying out Thermal Imaging for you. Legally we need to have their permission to proceed.

FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Camera - Animal & Equine Thermography Camera

Using a FLIR infrared camera, offering a higher specification than that which is medically acceptable and scientifically recognised, a full history will be taken, your animal will be examined and imaged, and a comprehensive thermography report prepared on our findings.

We provide national coverage with low call out rates. You will be visited by your nearest thermographer, and we're rapidly expanding into new areas, so if you are interested in Working With Us please get in touch.

In addition to individual reports Veterinary Thermal Imaging offers a Consultation and Research Service for public and private bodies. We also deliver seminars and lecture demonstrations for groups who are interested.

Use FLIR animal thermography to improve animal health.

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