Equine Thermography Consultation

It couldn’t be easier to book a consultation, and receive your Veterinary Thermal Imaging Report.

Call our local rate number, where we’ll take your details 24:7 and ask our Thermographer to contact you directly to arrange a convenient time. Or, you can email or use the Contact Us form on the website, and we’ll get back to you.

A complete equine thermography session takes about one hour. We’ll start by taking a history of your animal and collecting some basic details. Then your horse will imaged from all angles and a complete picture of their physiology built up. You will be asked to hold and position your horse for the images, and if your saddle is also being checked you’ll be asked to lunge and / or ride your horse in the saddle too. For smaller areas allow about 30 minutes.Equine Thermography - Horse Thermal Imaging - Equine Infrared Thermal Imaging

The Thermal Imaging Camera is about the size of a camcorder, and is practically silent in operation, making only a small ‘clunking’ sound as it calibrates and focuses. This doesn’t normally worry or disturb horses, but if it does, your thermographer will work quietly and reassuringly, and continue to capture the images.

Once the images have been captured they are digitally enhanced on a computer, thoroughly examined and compiled into a Thermography Report. This process takes a further one to two hours and is conducted off site. Any areas which require further investigation will be highlighted, together with any artefacts in the image which could be misread as a false positive.

Your Thermography Report will be mailed to you in your preferred format – digitally on a CDROM, which also contains all the images as separate files, or printed out in hard copy. At the same time we’ll also email an electronic copy to your Veterinary Surgeon.

Our Senior Thermographer is a BHSAI, sports horse breeder and has competed in showjumping, eventing and dressage. She also judges at Riding Club level.

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