FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR Systems - Veterinary Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera - Animal and Equine Thermography CameraWe've teamed up with FLIR to distribute their range of Veterinary Thermal Imaging cameras.  As the UK's leading provider of Veterinary Thermography, our experts are well placed to provide you with advice on which camera is best suited to your needs as well as offering demonstrations and very competitive prices.

FLIR Veterinary Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera - Horse Thermal Image - Animal & Equine Thermography Camera

FLIR are the World's largest commercial Infrared Imaging company and have been supplying thermography and night vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement and the military for over 50 years. With a large research and development budget and a division dedicated to Thermography, FLIR offer the widest selection of infrared cameras for beginners to professionals.

World Class Training and Support

With over 60 offices and the largest installed infrared camera base in the World, FLIR offers its customers unparalleled service, the best post-sale technical applications support available and world-class infrared camera and thermography applications training.  It is the only commercial infrared imaging company with dedicated training facilities in the UK and Europe.

Why choose a FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Camera?

FLIR cameras have many advantages over other industrial type and medical grade cameras, and are well suited for animal and equine thermography, these include:

• As they are so small and quiet, the cameras are very well tolerated by animals, reducing stress levels.

• FLIR cameras can operate in a wide temperature range (-15 to +50 oC) unlike some systems purely developed and tested for use within a hospital clinical setting.

• FLIR cameras are accurate, detecting temperature changes of less than 0.05oC, far more than the 0.3oC necessary for identifying thermal asymmetry overlying significant pathology .

FLIR Veterinary Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera - Animal and Equine Thermography Camera - Warranty• The units are completely portable, battery powered, and have no trailing wires, stands or a need to be attached to a laptop to work. This makes them ideal for use in the veterinary field where you don't want your valuable equipment (or animals) to be damaged, and you may need to move out of the way of an unpredicatable animal quickly.

• Features such as swivel lenses make it easier to take images of those hard to reach places such as a horse's back.

• They are perfect for working in all weathers in the UK, indoors and outdoors.

• Initially developed for industrial applications, the cameras are rugged, and can withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of an outdoor environment, lasting for many years of service.

• FLIR cameras are fitted with optics manufactured to a high accuracy standard and give in excess of 98% transmission.

• Images are captured in JPEG format for ease of use and sharing of data.

• All cameras come with a 2 year full product warranty and a 10 year detector warranty upon registration at

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