FLIR Camera Range and Price List

Veterinary Thermal Imaging Cameras can be supplied to individuals and businesses within the UK and Republic of Ireland. We can't supply outside of these areas, in these instances please contact FLIR for details of your local Distributor.

There is no VAT charged on the prices shown below. All cameras are supplied with all necessary equipment and software for veterinary imaging.

FLIR cameras carry a 2 year warranty on all parts, and a 10 year warranty on the microbolometer (temperature measuring component).


Budget of under £2,500FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Camera

These veterinary thermal imaging cameras have the lowest resolution and thermal sensitivity in the range, and are suited for home use

E4 or i3 £875

E5 £1,286

i5 £1,359

E6 £2,195


Budget of under £5,000

These veterinary thermal cameras have a higher resolution, and produce crisper images. They have a manual focus, and fixed lens, so are less easy to use on large animals

E8 £3,515


E50 £4,396


Budget of under £10,000FLIR Animal Thermal Imaging Camera

These veterinary thermal imaging cameras meet the specifications for professional diagnostic imaging. The swivel lens and autofocus features of the T-series makes dorsal and ventral imaging of large animals much easier.

E60 £6,595

T420 £7,475


Budget of under £15,000

This model nears the top of the range, with the greatest thermal sensitivity and resolution. The specification exceeds that required for diagnostic imaging

T600 £14,075

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