Greyhound and Racing Dog Thermal Imaging

Greyhounds Racing on a track - greyhound thermal imaging can help detect injuries - greyhound scanning

Veterinary Thermal Imaging can give your greyhound the competitive edge.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging are the UK’s first mobile thermal imaging service for racing greyhounds, so you have no travelling worries, stress or expense. We can provide an ‘image only’ or an image and interpretive report service depending on your needs.  We have national coverage and operate all across the UK.Thermal Imaging or 'scanning' of racing greyhounds is a non-invasive procedure that can fit into your dog’s training regime, without stress or hassle.

The images provide an early indicator of potential problems, particularly with tendons and ligaments, allowing treatment to start promptly, or training regimes to be altered. Early indicators of potential problems such as reduced performance or a change in behaviour can be quickly and easily investigated with minimal fuss.

Greyhound Scanning and Greyhound thermal imaging - We travel to you

Eliminate travelling stress - we come to you.

Pre and post race imaging provides an excellent indicator of any injuries which may have been sustained, any muscle groups which may be stiff and tight or joint, neck and back problems which may have occurred.

The images provide a useful baseline, and a health record for your dogs, and are particularly useful when updating owners as they can be easily emailed.
Pre-purchase imaging can identify potential problems which you may want to take a closer look at, as well as any injection sites or liniment application which has taken place over the last 24-48 hours, which can often be overlooked. We can also detect arthritis using our camera, you can read more about the procedure on our arthritis detection page.

The images below show the sensitivity of the camera in detecting problems, even when large areas of the dog’s anatomy are imaged. The dog on the right has reduced circulation through her front wrists and paws compared to the normal thermal pattern seen in a greyhound (on the left). Further imaging and clinical examination identified an area of her neck where a branch of the spinal cord was being compressed, causing the nerves which run down her leg to send out an incorrect message to the blood vessels to constrict.


Thermal image of a healthy racing greyhound with normal temperature patterns. Dog Thermal Imaging. Greyhound scanning

Normal thermal patterns seen in the legs.

Greyhound seen with thermal imaging camera to show dermatomes which indicate nerve damage in the back. Dog Thermal Imaging. Greyhound Scanning

Note the cooler temperature readings in the front legs compared to the hind legs, and to the thermal patterns normally seen.

It couldn't be easier to book a thermal imaging session for your greyhound, you can contact us via the website or call our low cost national number 24/7.

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