Canine Thermography - Dog Thermal Imaging - Intermittent Lameness

Uninsured 9 year old cocker spaniel, with intermittent lameness. Owner felt that that problem was in the left hind. General x-rays of the limb were inconclusive, MRI scanning was cost prohibitive.
Referred for Thermal Imaging by a Swindon Veterinary Hospital, which highlighted the problem to actually be in the right hind, within the aponeurosis of the adductus. Ordinarily the animal should be thermally symmetrical, deviation from this indicates an underlying problem.
With the problematic area pinpointed, and using the dynamic image function of the camera during the clinical examination to direct the vet to the seat of the inflammation, this could then be felt on careful palpation.
Condition resolved with metacam, physio and remedial exercise programme, no further diagnostic tests or expense on the owners part required.

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