Muscle Wastage (Atrophy) seen in a jack russel terrier and a Horse - Horse Atrophy - Dog Atrophy - Muscle Wastage - Infrared Imaging

When the familiarity of a uniform hair coat colour is replaced by the palette of the thermal imaging camera, it’s far easier to see areas of Muscle Wastage or Muscular Atrophy, which are also denoted by cooler temperature readings.

On the left, a 3 year old Jack Russlell Terrier suffering from a locking left patella, referred by West Midlands Veterinary Surgery for objective monitoring of his physiotherapy through bi-annual scans.

On the right, a 13 year old Belgian Warmblood all-rounder, referred by Welsh Veterinary Hospital to monitor progress of physiotherapy treatment after manipulation of his back under sedation.

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