Veterinary Thermal Imaging Services

We are the first UK company to work across all species; equine, companion, canine, livestock, marine and zoo animals, taking both static and dynamic thermographic images. Working under a code of conduct we provide thermography reports for owners after Veterinary referral or Physiotherapist instruction following referral, in addition to consultancy services to both the private and public sector. Find out more about the areas you're interested in below.

Equine Thermography

Equine Thermography has developed over the last 30 years, and proved itself to be a valuable tool in the health, welfare and management of competition and racing horses.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging now extends that same cutting-edge technology to all owners and producers. Using the latest equipment we travel to you to detect and monitor back, joint, muscle, ligament and tendon problems, assess hoof balance and gait, saddle fit and dental issues.

Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Equine ThermographyEquine Thermography can detect problems three to six weeks before any clinical signs, making it a valuable tool in pre-purchase examinations, or fittening work.

Portraits & Gifts

Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Animal Health

If you've searched high and low for an unusual gift for an animal lover, we can help by providing something truly unique.

Your animal's thermal image can be reproduced onto a range of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, mousemats or onto canvas or high quality photopaper for mouting and framing to create a really unusual work of art.

Prices start from just £10.


Professional Partnerships

We are unique in the UK as we work with the written permission of the RCVS, and under their Code of Conduct.Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Animal Health

Whilst we take self-referrals, we are happiest working in close partnership with the animal's healthcare professionals. Wholesale rates are available for Vets, Physiotherapists, Farriers, Equine Dental Technicians and Master Saddlers who want to work in partnership with Veterinary Thermal Imaging.

Companion Animal Thermography

Veterinary Thermal Imaging is the first UK company providing Thermal Imaging for companion animals.

Shifting and non-specific lameness, Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Animal Healthosteoarthritis, skin cancers, back and foot problems, as well as dental disease can be detected with a quick, non-invasive, painless procedure in your home, allowing treatment to begin sooner, and usually more effectively and with better prognoses.

We provide thermography for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.

Agility, Working & Racing Dog Thermography

The stresses and strains on a working or agility dog's body during his day to day duties can be enormous. Early detection of problems can allow treatment to begin sooner, and down-time to be dramatically reduced.

Thermal Imaging is especially useful in detecting Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Animal Healthjoint and toe problems often caused by climbing, jumping and turning quickly on grass, or to check the correct fit of harnesses and equipment.

Livestock Thermography

Our thermographers are fully experienced in handling a range of livestock in both intensive and extensive management systems, and hold agricultural Animal Science degrees.Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Animal Health

Thermography provides a quick, stress-free method of pinpointing problems so that remedial action can be taken, for example in detecting mastitis, foot rot and underrun feet, joint disease, infections, musculo-skeletal, tendon and ligament damage.

Research & Consultancy

Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Animal HealthVeterinary Thermal Imaging provides consultancy and research for the private and public sector.

With a unique combination of scientific, marketing, and thermography skills our employees are best placed to act as an extension of your team in proving product claims, creating compelling marketing materials and completing statistically significant research pieces.

Zoo, Wildlife & Marine Thermography

Some of the most interesting and challenging Veterinary Thermography - Animal Thermal Imaging - Animal Healthanimals to diagnose are wildlife, zoo and marine species. Thermal imaging enables non-contact, stress free evaluation of a number of conditions such as non specific lameness, wound management and pregnancy detection in mammalian species.

Zoos around the world are now turning to thermal imaging as a part of their animal management programmes.

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