Agility and Working Dog Thermal Imaging

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Your dog works hard, and the nature of their work means that they are prone to musculo-skeletal problems, such as back and joint injuries. Many toe injuries are caused by turning on grass, or climbing and jumping, and these can often go unnoticed without the aid of Veterinary Thermal Imaging.

Wearing a harness or equipment can cause rubbing, and place pressure on the back which can be detected with thermal imaging, allowing you to readjust the fit, or choose an alternative style of equipment before injury occurs.

Degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, muscle, tendon, ligament, skin and dental problems can all be detected, monitored and therefore treated in a timely fashion.

Thermal Imaging as part of your routine health monitoring allows you to quickly pinpoint problems which are ‘brewing’, treat them early, and minimise the time that you and your dog are unable to work.

Our Thermal Imaging cameras are sensitive enough to pick up the subtle temperature changes associated with arthritis, and we have successfully identified arthritis in the early stages and enabled our clients to take prompt action in managing their dog's joint pain.  You can read more about Arthritis detection in Dog on our website.


Thermal Image of a Dog's Bad Back - Agility Dog Back injury - Agility Dog Muscle Injury

Thermal Imaging helped detect a back injury in this agility dog..

Thermal Image of a Dog's Bad Toe - Working Dog Toe Injury - Working Dog Toe Problem - Dog Toe Pain

Toe injuries can be hard to detect in dogs without Thermal Imaging.. 



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