Horse Dental Problems Identified with Thermal Imaging

If your horse is quidding, fussy with his bit when ridden, has lost condition or refuses to take the bit when tacked up, his teeth could be the problem.  Equine thermography can quickly identify whether, and where, this is an issue. Dental pain correlates to an increased temperature, seen on the exterior of the mandible area.

Equine Thermography - Horse Dental Pain - Equine Dental Problem - Equine Infrared

Thermal asymmetry can indicate dental pain.

Where this is the case, the usual cause is irregular wear of the teeth, causing hooks (or sharp edges) to form, especially on the very backmost molars. These can easily be floated (rasped) by your Vet or equine dentist solving the problem.

Tooth root death, and associated loss of blood supply will be denoted by a cooler tooth showing within the equine thermal image. These pictures can only be achieved with the use of a dental gag and in the presence of your vet or equine dental technician.

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