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Digital Infrared Thermal Image of a Rhinoceros taken by a FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Camera - Wildlife Thermal Imaging - Lion, Tiger, Rhino Thermal Imaging

One of the most exciting fields for Veterinary Thermal Imaging is in exotics. Without restricting, sedating or handling an animal a picture of their physiological health can be captured. This reduces stress for the animal, cost and potentially the unnecessary use of sedatives. Paignton Zoo have been using thermal imaging technology to improve endangered animal resource management, and Chester Zoo Vets have been using thermal imaging technology for a number of years now.


Infrared images pinpoint areas that require further investigating, speeding up further diagnostic testing, and reducing the time that the animal spends out of their habitat.

Digital Infrared Thermal Image of a Giraffe taken with a FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Camera - Wildlife Animal Thermal Imaging - Lion, Tiger, Zoo Animal and Rhino Thermal Imaging


Veterinary Thermal Imaging has been used successfully in early lameness detection, detecting musculo-skeletal problems post partum, masititis detection, pregnancy detection, malignant growth detection, monitoring of degenerative diseases, monitoring recovery from injury that has required stitching, and in dental review.


Digital Infrared Thermal Image of a Sea Lion taken by a FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Camera - Marinae Animal Thermal Imaging


SeaWorld in Florida has been using Thermography on its dolphins to successfully manage dental health, monitor injuries (mainly amongst juvenile males during mating season), and in assessing the fit of prosthetics. The University of St Andrews have used thermal imaging in studying seals during the latter stages of pregnancy, and the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program has used thermal imaging cameras to research the temperature change of dolphins in response to changing environments.

Opportunities for Wildlife include non-contact, rapid assessment of injury, and the Foresty Commission have used thermal imaging as a way of assessing deer population density.

thermographer hands on with cheetah

Our Senior Thermographer has spent time working on a South African Game Reserve, hands on with the Big Five, and on marine conservation programmes.

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