Equine Thermography - Subchondral Bone Cyst as seen by a Veterinary Thermal Imaging Camera - Horse Thermal Imaging

Nine month old filly referred by owner for routine thermal imaging ahead of in-hand championships. Sub-clinical lameness, exhibited as a loss of showy action when turned-out, with query as to whether this was due to bruising from a lodged stone or kick above knee the previous week.
Thermal Imaging showed a significant hot spot in the pastern. Report immediately referred back to owner’s West Midlands Equine Hospital, who attended for clinical examination the following day.
x-rays of the area indicated a rare Subchondral Bone Cyst and filly referred to specialist for surgery. Prognosis excellent; early intervention removed need to graft bone, and only a 1cm scar in the area remains.
Six monthly sessions of thermal imaging booked to pinpoint any others areas where cysts may have developed and x-rays may be required.

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