• Animal Thermography for the diagnosis of animal injury and disease.
  • Canine Thermography for improving dog health and performance.
  • Equine thermography for monitoring the health of the equine.
  • Pet thermography for companion animals.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging used to improve animal health and diagnose disease and injury.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Thermography provides a visual management tool for owners and professionals diagnosing, monitoring or treating injury, illness or disease. A valuable addition to existing diagnostic tools such as X-rays, MRI scans and Ultrasound offered by your Vet, Veterinary Thermal Imaging is non-invasive, emits no radiation, can be repeated as frequently as required and can eliminate the need for other expensive investigations.

veterinary thermal imaging used to detect injury and lameness in animals. Veterinary Thermography is also known as Digital InfraRed Thermal Imaging.

What Thermography Shows

Thermal Imaging graphically maps the skin surface temperature, providing an objective view of the subjective feeling of pain. Physiological changes occur in response to underlying anatomical disruption, and can show whilst tissues are under stress, before major injury occurs. Normally there is a symmetrical skin surface temperature pattern which is consistent and reproducible for any individual animal.

Animal Thermal Imaging Services across the UK

Our Thermal Imaging Services

We are the first UK company to work across all species; equine, companion, livestock, marine and zoo animals, taking both static and dynamic thermographic images. Working under a code of conduct we provide thermography reports for owners and professionals after Veterinary referral, in addition to consultancy services to both the private and public sector.

Working with Animals - A Career in Veterinary Thermal Imaging

Work with Animals and have a career as a veterinary thermographer.

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Running your own Veterinary Thermal Imaging practice is a fantastic opportunity for you to build a very successful business, work flexibly around existing commitments and earn an excellent income.

Animal franchise opportunity to work with Animals.  Animal Jobs iwth thermal imaging.The use of Infrared Thermal Imaging for the monitoring of animal health is a rapidly growing area, and we are expanding nationally. National coverage will allow us to win larger contracts and meet the demand we’re already seeing from across the country.

Small-business expert, Emma Jones, has been searching to find the very best franchises available. The opportunities she has chosen all offer great training, ongoing support and a chance to be in control of your business. Emma has scouted out companies that will offer you sound business models at an affordable price, making them appropriate for any first-time business owner... and we're in there.

 Veterinary Thermal Imaging brings together thirty years of learning, research findings and the experience of four pioneering, internationally recognised and widely published vets in the field; together with business and marketing experience from some of the UKs best, to deliver a business system which is unique, and works – and which we’ll pass onto you.

Benefits of Working With Us


  • Unique training leading to full Veterinary Thermal Imaging Certification, your qualification to practice
  • Credibility through use of established brand and logo
  • Large, exclusive territory
  • Use of website, which receives 8000 page views per month from 75% new visitors
  • Search engine optimisation and PPC to ensure site ranks on page 1 globally for common search terms
  • National marketing campaigns to drive business
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Additional products and services to sell
  • Centralised call handling, email and fax services
  • Assistance with raising finance

Thermographer Training

Want to work with animals? VTI offer careers working with animals.

Our training programme is the first of its kind in the UK.

Through a thorough programme involving classroom lectures, home study and practical hands-on sessions we will guide you through all aspects of veterinary thermography, including animal handling and preparation, consultations, camera operation, image manipulation, interpretation and report production that you will need to achieve your Certificate in Veterinary Thermal Imaging – your qualification to practice. In addition to this, we’ll coach you in all the business aspects you need to successfully run your practice; sales and marketing, administration, legislation etc. 


Ongoing support is always on-hand, and you’ll benefit from our national marketing campaigns to generate leads and encourage repeat business, which as a sole trader would cost tens of thousands of pounds a year. You're free to get on with growing your business without managing this time-consuming 'big picture' element.

Enjoy the support of a national company coupled with the freedom and flexibility of being self-employed.

The Market

We have divided the UK into large, exclusive territories. These areas are offered on a 'first come first served' criteria to applicants who meet our strict selection criteria.

Reaching just 1% of the possible clients within each area over a year would generate 145 appointments per month on average.

Just 3% of the veterinary practices in the UK are equine with the remainder being mixed (45%), small animal (52%) or farm (1%) practices. Being trained, certified and offering Veterinary Thermal Imaging across a range of animal species provides the thermographer with a huge, untapped market to explore, and reduces the seasonal down-times associated with equine-only practice.

Potential Income

Potential earnings from your Veterinary Thermal Imaging practice are;


Equine Appointments per month

Monthly turn-over*

Annual turn-over*













50 (equivalent of 2 to 3 per day)



We’ll supply a full financial breakdown to those applicants who meet our strict selection criteria. We would expect you to achieve these levels in the first three years.

(* Please note: These are potential earnings figures, no guarantee of actual earnings can be given).


Work with animals and have your own career.

Who are we looking for?

It goes without saying that you’ll have extensive experience of working with animals, but aside from this we are looking for hard-working individuals with drive, determination to succeed and who are confident and enjoy working with people. You’ll have at least two-year's business experience, meticulous attention to detail and excellent communication skills. You’ll need a full driving licence as the service we offer is mobile.


Get started with VTI for just £10,000 including a state of the art camera


 Your franchise fee covers the costs of purchasing your camera, receiving veterinary training, all your personalised stationery and marketing materials and business launch activity, and the rights to use the established and credible Veterinary Thermal Imaging brand and logo, and to hit the ground running. A low monthly fee of just £100 in your first year covers all your ongoing costs, entitling you to free PR support, free business support, free lead generation, free use of company website, email address, fax number and 24:7 call centre.

The average franchise in the UK costs £42,200 and the costs of establishing a Veterinary Thermal Imaging Practice from scratch are around £38,000.


Animal franchise opportunity for those wanting to work with animals.

As well as a considerable saving on start-up costs your investment also provides you with the following benefits;

  • full veterinary thermal imaging training and certification with World-leading vets;
  • business, sales and marketing training;
  • personalised marketing materials;
  • uniform;
  • launch PR and marketing activity;
  • bespoke marketing and advertising support;
  • proven lead generation;
  • report software;
  • website, email, centralised call and fax handling;
  • national PR and advertising programmes and
  • ongoing support and assistance.


We can also help you to source finance to start your Veterinary Thermal Imaging practice. 

Next Steps

Our animal franchise opportunity allows you to work with animals and be your own boss.

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You can read more on our franchisee website, or contact us to find out whether there are franchise opportunities still available in your local area.

If you would like to be considered as a franchisee, please send your CV and a covering email.

Join VTI and work with animals running your own veterinary thermal imaging franchise.

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